Quality Policy



AMA Security is committed to providing its clients with superior quality products and services through continuous improvement to meet or exceed client expectations.

This shall be achieved by operating a comprehensive, coordinated Quality Management System (QMS), which assures the quality of all products, processes and services offered by AMA Security.

The QMS is designed to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000 and shall be implemented across the whole organisation and embrace all of the activities which impact products and services provided to our clients.

The director and senior managers of AMA Security are committed to maintaining the effective operation of the QMS in achieving superior quality products and services, continuous improvement of such and satisfying clients requirements both now and in the future.

We shall set quality goals and objectives, with quality performance outcomes that shall be measured, analysed and reported upon.

To foster a culture of continual improvement, AMA Security shall continue to inspire and reward teamwork and individual performance levels in achieving superior quality.


- Ben Shadgett (Director)